15 Signs you’re Froomies for Life

15 Signs you’re Froomies for life
By now, pretty much everyone has decided who they will be living with next year and 
where. Maybe it’s your sorority sisters, your closest friends, or even someone new! But 
the fun part (at least for us girls) is how the apartment or dorm is going to look next year. 
What’s the color scheme? Where will we buy furniture? How will we decorate to make it 
the most fabulous room or apartment you’ve ever been in? However, we all know that 
truly no matter what it looks like, if the roommates are amazing our year will be too, and 
that’s the most important part! Here are some signs that you and your future roomies (or 
even your current froomie) are destined to be best Froomies for Life:
1. You binge watch the same shows on Netflix together (Can you believe we still 
don’t know who A is?!)
2. If one person needs to go shopping, everyone does! You can’t possibly buy an 
outfit without their approval!
3. You’re on a first name basis with their parents, and friends with them on social 
media. (Did you see where Debs went to lunch today? She posted a pic on 
4. You also follow all of their friends on social media and keep up with their drama. 
(Ohmygosh her boyfriend did what?!)
5. You have the same musical taste, and if you don’t you’re about to! Random dance 
sessions are a must for dorms and apartments alike.
6. The inside jokes have started even before you’ve moved in together.
7. They’ve heard you sing and seen you dance and by some miracle still love you.
8. Your group chat alternates between a mental support group and memes that 
wouldn’t make sense to anyone else.
9. You don’t ask to borrow their clothes or stuff or eat their food. She has an 
interview? She knows where to find the perfect shoes in your closet!
10. They’re in your room when you’re not. You had class? Oh that’s okay she did her 
homework in your room while you were gone.
11. You know their class schedule as well as your own. How else will you coordinate 
every meal together?!
12. You quote the same movies and books at each other. 
13. You drag each other to the gym when one (or more) of you just REFUSES to get 
their butt out of bed.
14. They’re the first people you go to when you need advice on anything from outfits, 
to whether to skip class or not, to whether the boy that just liked your Instagram 
pic is TOTALLY into you.
15. No matter how annoying they may be you can’t stay mad at them. 
Froomies are the best kind of friends. They’ve seen you at your worst and best 
and stick by you. Cheers to good times with good people!