15 Reasons To Be Thankful You're Not a Gamecock

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Rivalry Week! So many things to be thankful for but some certainly revolve around being a Tiger and not a Gamecock!


1)   Clemson is the 21st public university in the country. South Carolina is 52nd.

2)   We are consistently ranked in the top 10 Happiest Student body

3)   I have never felt unsafe on or around campus.


5)   Dabo is America's sweetheart and didn't abandon us in the middle of the season.

6)   Clemson is also #1 in Career Services and Alumni Network (help me get a job please!!)

7)   To show school spirt I don't have to wear a shirt that says "Cocks" across it

8)    Tigers > Roosters

9)    Clemson was ranked Classiest Fanbase by Chatsports this year

10)   ^people don't snort cocaine in Memorial Stadium's stands

11)   #ClemsonFamily

12)   Purple and orange sunsets

13)   Beautiful campus views

14)  I've heard they're parking situation is even worse than ours, who knew that was possible?

15)  Choosing Clemson was the best college decision I could have ever made!