13 Videos That Prove Jenna Marbles is the Halloween Queen of YouTube

There is one Halloween Queen on YouTube, and her name is Jenna Marbles. 

You may think it's NikkieTutorials for her Halloweek videos. You might believe Candace Lowry deserves the crown for her yummy Halloween recipes. Perhaps, you're under the impression that Buzzfeed should be celebrated for their hours of Halloween content. 

But you're wrong. Jenna Marbles is the Youtube megastar (*cough* 20 million subscribers *cough*) that slays Halloween like nobody else, and here are 13 videos to prove it. 

  1. 1. Even her dogs slay Halloween better than me.

    Don't forget the rest of the videos in this glorious series (1, 2). 

  2. 2. She's a DIY Queen Who Also Values Dental Health.

  3. 3. If Her Dog Isn't Cute Enough, Check Out Jenna Dressed Up as Her Dog.

  4. 4. Is That Jenna or a Chair??? (not clickbait)

  5. 5. She is Literally the Center of the Party.

  6. 6. Rabwitch Knows What's Up.

  7. 7. Somehow, Julien Became Even Sassier.

  8. 8. Halloween is the Time to Live Your ~Dreams~.

  9. 9. Am I Seeing Double, or Is Jenna Really THAT Halloween Queen?

  10. 10. Literally the Scariest Costume I've Ever Seen

  11. 11. Couple Goals Go Punk 

    Throwback to this gem.

  12. 12. Baby Jenna is Lit (Literally). 

    For comparison, my 2012 costume was an owl. 

  13. 13. Jenna Just Turned This Spa into a Horror Movie, and I Love It.

Now, everyone back off because this ~33-year-old lady~ deserves her crown.