12 Days of Love Letter Writing

Rewind the clock three years, and you’d find me sitting in the Hendrix Student Center listening to Hannah Brencher give her keynote speech at the Women’s Leadership Conference.  And the only word I can give you is “Wow.” I left that room with the realization that other people felt the same way I did about written letters and communicating through written words. Other people saw that beauty, and I was moved to tears.

Hannah has inspired me every day since then as I learned more about her story and her movement – The World Needs More Love Letters – through social media. Working and living in New York City took a toll on her, and she became increasingly lonely and discouraged in her own journey. She began to write letters that she left around the city – to complete strangers who would stumble upon them later.


I cannot do the entire story justice, so you can find her whole story on her site, and I highly encourage you to watch her interview. There is something so real and authentic in her telling of the story – something that can resonate with us all.


So why do I tell you this?



Well, More Love Letters was born from Hannah’s story, and it has brought inspiration to hundreds of people who need extra support and words of encouragement. Loved ones write in to nominate a family, friend, or coworker to receive a letter bundle. Their stories are posted on the website every month, and the request is simple – write one letter. One letter to show that we are not alone in this world. That’s it.


Every December, The World Needs More Love Letters begins the most festive love letter writing campaign of the year, and they are wrapping up this year’s! Each day for 12 consecutive days, they post a letter request on their site. Each day they introduce you to someone who needs a little extra love sent his or her way.



As college students, I think we can relate to today’s letter request:




Friday, December 14- BRYNLEY


Brynley’s roommate reached out to us to request words of encouragement for her. She wrote:

“Brynley is having a hard time adjusting to life at college. She is very anxious when it comes to social situations, work, and especially school.

Brynley has dealt with dyslexia all of her life, but has never gotten a diagnosis for it. She struggled through all of elementary, middle, and high school and persevered despite her difficulties. In High School, she would have her mom read her textbooks, but otherwise, she did it all alone. Now that she's at college, she is having a harder time doing so much school in such a short amount of time. She has tried to reach out to the Disabilities Resource Center, but has had a hard time because she is not diagnosed. I think she needs some encouragement regarding her disability and how she can possibly make this transition a little easier.

Brynley wants to be social, but has a hard time with social boundaries, like the usual length of conversations, and how animated one should be when having a regular conversation. Sometimes she speaks for long periods of time, and people get disinterested. Other times she is overly animated and people get scared away. Brynley needs some love, explaining that it's okay to be an introvert who has a hard time speaking to others. She deserves to feel like she is welcome, and needs to know that it's okay to feel anxious. Brynley deserves to be loved and reminded that being quirky and different is okay! Help me show her that!”


Join us in showing Brynley that she is loved + being quirky can be awesome!

Brynley’s bundle

c/o Bethany N.

780 E 1000 N Apt. 28 Logan, UT 84321 USA



You can find every letter request on the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing homepage – write one letter or all twelve! The letters need to postmarked by December 20, 2017, in order to be delivered for the new year.


I invite you to read their stories, grab some stationary, and spread some cheer this holiday season. With the merrymaking and excitement of this season, it’s difficult to remember that the holidays don’t necessarily equal joy for all. The struggles and hardships of life are still very real during this month. However, one letter can help ease the burden and bring some cheer into someone’s life.


It’s a simple gesture that can mean the world to someone who needs the extra love this holiday season – the world, after all, could use more love letters!







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