12 Big Little Gifts Under $12

Sorority season is upon us in full swing all across the nation. Whether recruitment has been over for weeks or Bid Day just happened, sororities are buzzing with gossip about one of sorority’s biggest traditions: Big/Little Reveal.


Adding a new member to your family is worth all of the hype- it’s so exciting and meaningful and, guess what? EXPENSIVE.


But it doesn’t have to be! You don’t have to break the bank to give your new little all of the goodies and love she deserves.


Here are 12 Big/Little Reveal gift ideas under $12:


1. Painted Canvases: $10-15

There are ~tons~ of ideas on Pinterest for painted sorority canvases, and places like Michaels runs sales almost every week on canvas bundles. This is a great way to customize your basket specifically to your little's personality. So grab a paint brush and get going!





2. Painted Pin Box: $2-10

This is one of the cutest and cheapest gifts to give your little. The price changes based on the size, shape, and design of the box, but there are plenty of adorable ones for extremely reasonable prices! I purchased one from Michaels for $2, and it made the perfect gift.


3. Sorority Keychain $5-10

Help your little represent their new favorite sisterhood with an affordable and cute keychain! This specific keychain is currently on sale for $6.99. You can find the link here.



4. Sorority Notepads: $6

This is one of my favorite Big/Little gifts. I received a pack of these from my big during Big/Little Reveal, and I use these All. the. Time.

Perfect for your on-the-go college girl just trying to keep her life in order!

Check out GreekGear to shop for this notepad based on your sorority.


5. Use Target’s Dollar Section: $1-5

If you haven’t shopped in Target’s dollar section before, you are truly missing out. The items in this section range from $1-5, and change often. Examples include school supplies, cute signs, mason jars, etc. These are great resources for crafting for your little, or finding a gem that stands on its own!


6. Painted Water Jug: $5-10

Help your little stay hydrated with a super cute painted water jug! A half gallon jug is only $5 at Walmart, and the gallon jug comes in at a low $10! Below are some ideas for decoration: paint it, stud it- this is your opportunity to go wild with the art.


7. Photo Frame for Big/Little Reveal $1-2

Frames are a great way to fill up space in a little’s basket and give them a practical, affordable gift. Hit up your local dollar store to find a frame! As always, painting and decorating are options.



8.  Sorority Stickers $2-12

Stickers are college girls’ weakness. If you don’t believe me, find the nearest female and look at her laptop or water bottle.

Amazon and Redbubble are my go-to sticker places to spoil your little! Amazon has great sticker sheets if you are willing to splurge a little more money, whereas Redbubble has more unique stickers you can buy individually for your little.


Sticker sheets on Amazon can be found here.

Check out Redbubble here.


9. Shot Glasses $10

If your fam likes to have some ~fun~, fam shot glasses could be a perfect gift for your newest member!


You can order this set off of Etsy using this link!


10.  Painted Champagne or Wine bottle $5-10

Again, if your new little likes to have some fun, a decorated champagne bottle or wine bottle is such a cute idea for a basket- add some flowers to it, and you’ve got an adorable vase! Plus, this is a win-win: so grab some friends, pop some bubbly, and get crafting.


Check out this link for 20 different ideas for wine bottles!


11. Pass down T-Shirts: $0

Passing down old sorority shirts to your new little creates (or carries) a sacred tradition in most sorority families. Plus, this is FREE. Ask your other family members for shirts to help bulk the supply.


12.  DIY Coasters $5-10

Grab some tiles from Lowes, or some wood circles from Michaels (or from your backyard if you want to get your true DIY spirit on) and the possibilities are endless. You can customize these coasters however you want- sorority crest, Little’s name, marble designed, Modge-Podge photo coasters, etc. Just make sure you spray them down with a clear coat sealant to finish them off! You can also glue felt on the bottom of the tile to protect tables.