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We all have felt that special connection between a song and the exact way you feel in a moment. Mine are mostly about being in love or being sad; but, as I have been listening to music over the past month during the pandemic, I’ve realized that its weird how some songs hit a little too close to home with how we are all feeling during quarantine! I thought I’d share this relatable music to help us get through this time, because we are all in this together!

See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) – Wiz Khalifa

This whole song is relatable but the lines at the very beginning of the song relate the most.

It’s been a long day without you, my friend, And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again, We’ve come a long way from where we began, Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again, When I see you again”

We are all missing someone and we can’t wait to see them again.

Kiss Me Thru The Phone – Soulja Boy

“Baby you know that I miss you, I wanna get with you tonight but I cannot baby girl, And that the issue, girl you know I miss you, I just wanna kiss you, But I can’t right now, So baby kiss me thru the phone (kiss me thru the phone) I’ll see you later on.”

For anyone in a relationship that isn’t able to see their significant other right now (me), this song preaches the truth!

Work from Home – Fifth Harmony

You don’t gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work, work, but you gotta put in work, work, work, work, work, work, work. You don’t gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work, work. Let my body do the work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work. We can work from home, oh, oh, oh oh. We can work from home, oh, oh, oh oh”

When you don’t think about the underlying meaning that is implied through the song and you listen to the chorus, the majority of the nation relates to this song right now if you aren’t an essential employee. Also, shout out to everyone that is essential and putting themselves at risk for us!

Good Riddance – Green Day

One of my personal favorite songs! Over and over throughout the song, it repeats, “It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right. I hope you had the time of your life”

This virus was certainly unpredictable, and no one would have thought this is how 2020 would have gone. But once it’s all over and settled down in the end, it will all be alright because everything happens for a reason. We still are making the most of our lives and will strive to make the most of it in the future. Don’t forget that after the black plague came the Renaissance.

Life Changes – Thomas Rhett

“Ain’t it funny how life changes, you wake up, ain’t nothing the same and life changes, you can’t stop it, just hop on the train and You never know what’s gonna happen, You make your plans and you hear God laughing.”

I love the line, “you’re making plans and you hear God laughing.” We all were making plans for graduation, parties and summer vacations. No one could have predicted this, and it all happened so fast. Quarantine is the new normal, and that’s how life has changed.

Soon You’ll Get Better – Taylor Swift ft. Dixie Chicks

One of the more touching songs that apply to the virus is the song Taylor Swift wrote for her sick mom telling her that she will get better soon. This is a powerful message for anyone who has fallen sick during this time.

“Ooh-ah, soon you’ll get better. Ooh-ah, soon you’ll get better. Ooh-ah, you’ll get better soon, ‘Cause you have to”

Ruin My Life – Zara Larsson

This song by Zara Larsson is one of the more bitter songs that reminds me of the coronavirus, and it particularly applies to those who had plans ruined by the virus.

The chorus of the song says, “I want you to ruin my life, you to ruin my life, you to ruin my life, yeah. I want you to f*** up my nights, yeah. f*** up my nights, yeah, all of my nights, yeah, I want you to bring it all on, if you make it all wrong, then I’ll make it all right, yeah”

One Step At A Time – Jordin Sparks

This song helps us stay patient during this time where everything is shut down. The beginning lyrics of the song states “Hurry up and wait, so close, but so far away, everything that you’ve always dreamed of, Close enough for you can taste, but you just can’t touch.”

We are so close to everything opening back up but still so far away, and as places open up, there will still be restrictions for a while. For example, a few clothing stores I shop at emailed me to say that we must make an appointment to come in and shop.

Bye Bye Bye – NSYNC

This song could be the anthem for social distancing. Tell everyone who you don’t live with goodbye and that you want to see them out that door in order to protect not only ourselves but themselves, too.

The chorus sings, “It ain’t no lie, I want to see you out that door, Baby bye bye bye. Don’t want to be a fool for you, Just another player in your game for two. You may hate me but it ain’t no lie. Baby bye bye bye, Bye bye. Don’t really want to make it tough, I just want to tell you that I’ve had enough. It might sound crazy but it ain’t no lie. Baby bye bye bye.”

Some people might get mad and say you’re crazy, but that’s alright because you know that you are doing the right thing by telling them Bye Bye Bye!

Paranoid – The Jonas Brothers

For those who are an anxious soul (like me), I’m sure you’ve had a scare that you’re coming down with the virus when you have a random sore throat or started coughing. This is the song for you! With the lyrics saying, “I make the most of all the stress, I try to live without regrets, But I’m about to break a sweat I’m freakin’ out, It’s like a poison in my brain…

Staying up to date with all the current symptoms is not a good idea for people with anxiety because it can make us paranoid that we have the virus when we don’t. It really is like a poison inside our brain. It gets even more freaky with the next lyrics, “I take the necessary steps, to get some air into my chest, I’m taking all the doctor’s meds. I’m still freaking out!”

If that doesn’t pertain to the coronavirus, I don’t know what does.

We Are All In This Together – High School Musical Cast

Of course, I had to include this song because this is the anthem for the coronavirus! We really are all in this together by doing our part to stay home, slowing the spread and flattening the curve. We are in this together to support the essential workers who have to go out and risk their lives to protect everyone.

“Together, together, together everyone. Together, together come on, let’s have some fun. Together, we’re there for each other every time. Together, together, come on, let’s do this right.”

As much as we hate this virus Ruining Our Lives by making us say Bye Bye Bye to our friends and family and making everyone Paranoid, if we take it One Step At A Time by doing Work From Home, as Life Changes, Soon It’ll Get Better, and we will be able to See You Again. COVID-19 has united the world and given us all something in common because We Are All In This Together.

I am a student at Clemson University with a major in Marketing and minor is Psychology. I am from Greenville, SC and in my free time I enjoy new adventures and hanging out with my friends and family.
Mayme Medlock is a junior at Clemson University, studying political science with an emphasis in international relations. In her free time, you'll find her chasing cute dogs, talking about studying abroad in the Balkans, watching copious amounts of Netflix, and putting people at ease when they question her name's pronunciation (May-m, not May-me).