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10 Things Only People With Social Anxiety Understand



1. You sweat constantly when interacting with others

2. Talking on the phone is painfully awkward

3. Bailing on people last minute because you just aren’t emotionally capable

4. Mentally preparing yourself for all conversations and calculating the probability that they will go wrong


5. Giving speeches in class always starts with panic attacks and ends with tears

6. Talking to a stranger at a parties is a definite no


7. You don’t know how to greet people in public, so you just hit them with a soft smile


8. Then you have a mental breakdown debating if that person even remembers/likes you


9. You constantly replay every awkward encounter you had during the day in your mind

10. You have to recover after spending time with others

Hi, I'm Abigail Wetzel, a Sophomore from Greenville, SC. I am majoring in Environmental and Natural Resources and I love nature, books, coffee, and ice cream!
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