10 Things Clemson Students Miss The Most

Thanks to COVID Clemson students have been kept away from campus and all the things that they love. Here are 10 things that Clemson students miss the most! 

  1. 1. Standing on the Hill on game day to cheer on the Tigers 

  2. 2. Going downtown on Wednesdays for Todaro Pizza $1 slice night

  3. 3. Catching up  with old friends in the amphitheatre 

  4. 4. Soaking in the sun during picnics on Bowman 

  5. 5. Weekends full of Litchers & karaoke at Weiner

    Haters Taylor Swift
  6. 6. Racing to Wendys at 1:55am for a late night 4 for 4 

  7. 7. Meeting up with classmates for all-nighters at Cooper

    picking a book
  8. 8. Drinking tons of coffee during Starbucks study sessions  

  9. 9. Taking in the beautiful view of the Reflection Pond while walking across Library Bridge

  10. 10.  Walking to class and smiling at fellow students thinking - Damn I am lucky to be a Tiger! 

So, dear COVID, please leave so we can feel like Clemson Students again.