10 Multicolored Manis for the Perfect Self-Care Sunday

  1. 1. The Ideal Gradient for Holding Hot Apple Cider on a Fall Day

  2. 2. A Multi-Texture Manicure to Break Out Your Best Polishes

  3. 3. A Pastel Dreamscape

  4. 4. The Spunky Accents to Show Off Your Perfect Color Combo

  5. 5. A Geometric Design that You Don’t Have to Repeat on the Other Hand

  6. 6. The Paint Strokes of an Artist that Redefine a “Streaky” Manicure

  7. 7. A Bold Take on Mixed Finishes to Spice Up a Monotone Style

  8. 8. A Fun, Glossy Manicure Throwing Confetti on the “Grown Out Look”

  9. 9. The Rainbow French Manicure of Your Childhood Dreams

  10. 10. A Marbled Marvel