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10 Memes That Perfectly Describe Being a College Kid

No one really realizes how rough college is until you’re actually in college, so there’s really no preparing. You jump head first into the best and the worst four years of your life. If you are, or have been, in college, these memes are sure to bring a smile to your face.

The First Week

Syllabus week is probably everyone’s favorite week. You don’t have that much homework and you get to goof off with all of your friends. However, there’s always that one professor that decides syllabus day is the day to start teaching actual information.

The Transition

One of the weirdest things about going to college is all of the changes. In high school, teachers are almost never late and are very professional, in college; however, professors can be the exact opposite.

The Late Nights

No amount of preparation can prepare you for the workload that is college. Being on your own means procrastination and late nights. That’s why coffee and Pure Lyft were invented.



The Regret

Being in college is a series of “this is the best place ever” and “I think I’ll just work at McDonald’s.” It’s usually the latter, but somehow I continue to make it through.

The Useless

Many teachers assume you somehow telepathically absorb all of the information of the subject and don’t need them to teach it to you, which adds to all of the late nights as you teach yourself.

The Debt

Being in college is hard enough, but while struggling with grades, most of us don’t have time to have a job that makes enough money to buy all of the necessities, so we end up hella broke.

The Grades

They say the tassel is worth the hassle, but sometimes I myself don’t even believe it. It’s a struggle to maintain the grades and sometimes we don’t.

Devon is a marketing major with a minor in communications at Clemson University. She's from Anderson, South Carolina. A southern gal deep in her roots, she can't live without sweet tea. She DIY's everything (even if it's not necessary) and loves to be creative. She loves adventures, hanging with friends, and all kinds of animals. Devon is never afraid to share her opinion or dance when everyone's watching. Feel free to follow her on instagram @devon_finley
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