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If you are not familiar with “the cupcake stage” the first thing that would come to mind would initially be food. The cupcake stage does not consist of food intake though, it is the act that happens pre-relationship and/or at the beginning of the relationship. We all know that feeling where we want to be under our significant other every second of the day and when we are not we feel like we are about to die. We all get those butterflies in our stomach when our crush comes in sight. We all know that feeling where the distinguishing scent of them makes our body tingle. This is where you are most filled with affection and love… kind of sounds like I’m describing a … cupcake, right?

The actual consumption of a cupcake and the cupcake stage compares if you look at in the aspect of the psychology of eating when it comes to cravings. According to the 3 New Insights On Cravings by the institute for the Psychology of Eating, three unique insights of cravings are one it’s all in your head, two food cravings are messengers, and three life is a yearning. They further described each insight starting with it’s all in your head. It is said that intense food cravings come from humans having good memories and feelings with that dish. Next, it was stated that food cravings are messengers contacting us to let us know that our body is lacking specific nutrients. Lastly, life is a yearning means that when we find ourselves craving weird things we have to become aware of what is going on with our bodies and closely observe that. These unique insights are similar to the cupcake stage because we crave the love and attention from our lover because of the memories – it’s all in your head, the public display of affection and show of appreciation - food cravings are messengers, and we need to know that sometimes distance is good for a relationship – life is a yearning. Another interesting point was touched by the Association for Psychological Science in the Psychology of food cravings” where it states that “we are imagining a specific food, much of our brain power is focused on that food, and we have a hard time with other tasks.” This relates to the cupcake stage because all day our significant other is on our mind causing us to have a hard time focusing on other things. Now don’t you wish the cupcake stage was forever? Continue reading to find out my perspective on how it can be an eternal thing.

They say good things don’t last forever, but what if it could? The cupcake stage doesn’t just have to end when you are used to each other. If you are in love with one another you have to continue to do the things you did to get them in order to keep them and keep those feelings how they were during the cupcake stage. Just like when you are done with one cupcake you have the choice of getting more or stopping right there. Not only are you in charge of the pace of cupcake consumption, you are in charge of the cupcake that you get. To further elaborate, cupcakes from Walmart, Publix, and homemade have a distinctive taste. For example, if you are a true cupcake lover and Publix is the go to for cupcakes, if a Publix isn’t nearby you decide to retrieve Walmart or homemade cupcakes which is a form of adaptation. Adaptation is key when it comes to the cupcake stage because an important factor from that stage of the relationship and on is growth. If you are a lover of your relationship hint cupcake lover, then you won’t mind the different taste of the relationship (different places or flavors of cupcakes), you’ll simply adapt. Trust me, I know this a little too well with both me and my girlfriends, but today we are totally going to tell their story. My friend and I would literally be out, in the middle of our girl talk she would randomly say “I miss my boyfriend” as if she did not just leave him or they were not with one another from dawn to dusk. Their lovey dovey conversations confused me, but that was not the only thing that confused me, their pda confused me even more – especially the crying hugs as if she was gone for long, 30 minutes is not long hello. I thought this would stop, but a year later it got more intense. I was happy to see with my own eyes that the cupcake stage doesn’t just have to be the beginning, but then again at times I wish it was… or do I?

Jasmine Rainer

Clayton State '22

You can find me on the writehers block Jasmine or J.Aliyah depending on who's asking Working until I no longer have to introduce myself
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