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The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros went head and head tonight in the first game of the 2017 World Series. The final score was 3-1 Dodgers.



“Turner Ward [Dodger’s hitting coach] deserves a lot of credit for what he’s done with this warm up,” the game’s announcer said.

The match up is against the best team in each respective league. It’s the eleventh World Series in that both teams have over 100-win regular season records. This hasn’t happened since 1970.

Dallas Keuchel pitched for the Astros and Clayton Kershaw for the Dodgers. Brad Peacock and Chris Devenski relieved Keuchel. Brandon Marrow and Kenley Jansen relieved Kershaw.

Chris Taylor lead the Dodgers to a good start, hitting a home run off of Keuchel’s first pitch of the game. Alex Bregman tied the game in the fourth inning with a home run for the Astros. Justin Turner hit his fourth post-season home run with a two run home run in the bottom of the sixth.

Kershaw pitched 11 strike outs throughout the game.

The last pitcher in the World Series with 11 strikeouts or more was in 1968 by St. Louis Cardinals Bob Gibson. He had 17 strike outs against the Detroit Tigers. Coincidentally, it was also the first game of the Series.

The winner of Game 1 has gone on to win 63.9 percent of the time, according to whowins.com. So we’ll just have to wait and see if the Dodgers will come through.

The next game is tomorrow night, Wednesday, October 25th at 8 PM. 

Monica Sager is a freelance writer from Clark University, where she is pursuing a double major in psychology and self-designed journalism with a minor in English. She wants to become an investigative journalist to combat and highlight humanitarian issues. Monica has previously been published in The Pottstown Mercury, The Week UK, Worcester Telegram and Gazette and even The Boston Globe. Read more of Monica’s previous work on her Twitter @MonicaSager3.
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