Why You Must Stay Hydrated

We've all heard it: Hydrate or die-drate. But do we know why?

  1. 1. For your heart

    Staying hydrated helps the heart pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles more easily.

  2. 2. For your muscles

    They work better with water!

  3. 3. For your joints

    Water lubricates your joints, making them easier to move and less prone to injury.

  4. 4. For your temperature

    Water cools you down

  5. 5. For waste

    When water is released from the body, waste goes out with it.

Water is important overall for a healthy lifestyle. It is better to drink water than sugary drinks, juice, or even milk. Water makes up a majority of all of our body weights, so it really is integral to everything. Stay hydrated folks!