Why The Term "Self-Partnered" Is Dumb

Emma Watson coined the term "self-par


The term is like "conscious uncoupling" or any other term that refers to being single without actually saying single.

It's dumb.

Watsn termed the word for being afraid of aging. She said she's never believed in "I'm happy single."

Now how is that the feminist Watson that we all know and love?

As a feminist, women and men are supposed to support the political, economic, and social equality of sexes. By saying you're not ok being alone, that is not supporting women. That's not allowing women to choose their own paths.

Women do not need to be dating anyone. They don't need to get married. They don't even need to have kids. Women can be whatever, however they want.

By saying you're not follwing the "I'm happy single" story, you're diminishing all of those things.

Watsom said she doesn't want to fall into the subliminal messaging around all of us, but she is!

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