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Why I Joined Her Campus

I had always heard of Her Campus at Clark, but I never knew how to get involved or really had the time to join another club.  That all changed when  I returned from my study abroad in Santiago, Chile.  Suddenly, I felt like a stranger on Clark’s campus, which is a very odd feeling considering how small and community-based we are.  I bumped into a friend who was running the Her Campus at Clark booth and suddenly I had my way in!  I signed up for the email list and then attended the first meeting.  After that I was hooked!

I joined Her Campus for the fun!  There aren’t many spaces outside of you friend groups maybe where you get to talk about current events, celebrity gossip, fashion, and more!  This quickly became a space where I was able to write and contribute but I also was having a lot of fun in the process.  Our meetings never bogged me down with the severity of their topics.  I always left feeling excited.

I joined Her Campus for the creativity!  In my majors, Spanish and Political Science, there is not a lot of room for creativity.  I loved the idea of writing something every week about whatever I wanted!  Some weeks I wrote about more serious topics and other times I was able to write funny listicles!  It was always something fun and I enjoyed taking the time out of my day to work on my piece each week.

I joined Her Campus for the experience.  I think there are many people out there that think Her Campus is a nonsensical website for college women.  That’s not true, despite some rude comments we have gotten on Facebook, it doesn’t seems like most people on campus feel that way.  It takes a lot of work to help run Her Campus smoothly!  When I was a writer, I was gaining valuable experience as a published writer.  Now, as a Co-Campus Correspondent, I’m getting experience in everything from team leadership to social media marketing.  It’s amazing that something so fun, and that I can about so much, is also boosting my resume.

I joined Her Campus for the community.  When I joined Her Campus originally, I was hoping to enter into a community of supportive women where we could talk about anything.  I wanted a space to talk about fashion and beauty, which is a difficult space to find on our campus.  What I got was so much more.  We talk about everything from our days to things going on in our lives and just everything honestly.  This community has only grown since becoming a Co-Campus Correspondent.  Rather than just members of a club, we are friends.  Friends that I will miss so much when I graduate in three weeks!

There are so many reasons why people join Her Campus, these one’s are just mine.  Joining this organization is one of the best things I did during my undergraduate career.  I was able to make friends and have fun while really contributing.  Despite all the work it takes to run our chapter, I am truly going to miss it.  If your considering joining Her Campus, or just looking for a student organization to try out, please email us at [email protected].   We love growing our club so other people can join our community!

Thank you Her Campus, HCXO!

Alexis is a student at Clark University studying Spanish and Political Science. When she's not at the library you can find her watching Netflix (probably Bones or The Office), on the elliptical, on KJP's instagram, or reading the news. She's passionate about politics, travel, and fashion. Her goals for the future include getting a job after graduation and trying to live the ideal New England lifestyle. Alexis is very excited to be a new Campus Correspondent along with Annabelle Merlin. HCXO!
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