What your favorite type of milk says about you

It's 2019. There are approximately 8 million kinds of milk out there. Here's what your favorite kind says about you (or a loving caricature of you).

  1. 1. "Normal" Dairy Milk

    This article will not be exploring the trend of white supremacists claiming dairy milk, though you are welcome to read up on it. 

    If diary milk is still your favorite, old school Taylor Swift definitely comes up on your Repeat Rewind, also you totally have pictures from high school taped to your walls.

  2. 2. Soy Milk

    You prioritize your health, and don't mind trying new things, but also won't go around chasing ever new trend. You also don't get too paranoid about all of theories surrounding soy. 

  3. 3. Almond Milk

    You refuse to be shamed. You love your knee high riding boots with leggings and a sweater. You drink PSL's with pride. Who cares if it's the most basic choice? It's popular for a reason and shaming people for liking things typically associated with young women is sad. You don't care if something is no longer "cool" and "new," you like it, and that's all that matters. 

  4. 4. Oat Milk

    Okay, how many podcasts do you listen to? Honestly, do you need an intervention? 

    Repeat after me. "It is not the barista's fault that they do not have oat milk." This is not an NYC oat milk shortage

    You pride yourself on trying the newest thing and exploring the trends that can help make you, and the environment, healthier. 

  5. 5. Rice Milk

    You may be rare but you're also guilty of grocery store impulse buys. You may not neccesarily choose the healthiest option, but you're pretty sweet and easily fortified. Fun fact: you'll love these instant ice coffee packets from Amazon. 

Is you favorite kind of milk not on this list? Then you refuse to be stereotyped.