What To Do With Your Finals Free Time

Despite the craziness of finals, many of us often find an awkward gap in between the last day of classes and exam/project due dates. Here are our ideas for how to spend your "non-studying" time during finals!

1. Attend sporting events

The Men’s Lacrosse team made the NEWMAC playoffs and will be advancing to the semifinals next Wednesday, May 3rd!

2. Go through clothes and sell/donate

What better way to start Summer than to declutter? Go through your wardrobe to lighten up the load for the trip home and sell some old pieces on Clark Craigslist or donate to the Clark Community Thrift Store.

3. Go for a hike

There are some really cool trails around the area that you can find online, and there are even apps that show you the best trails nearby. Grab a friend and make a morning out of it by getting some well-deserved brunch afterwards. 4. Shop for a graduation dress

You probably already started this whilst procrastinating during late night study sessions, but now you have all the time and more to find that perfect dress.

5. Check in with your advisor

You might have just met with them to go over courses for next semester, but it doesn’t hurt to check in to make sure you are on the right track, or even for some advice that you might be seeking.

6. Write thank you notes to people who have advised you/written recommendations

No gesture goes unnoticed, and they will appreciate it more than you realize.

7. Watch out for the petting zoo and mark it on your calendar

The cute little animals from Spree Day will be returning! Watch out for the announcement in your inbox and on Facebook

8. Start packing

We are all dreading this but the earlier you get it done, the better. Start with the big things that you know you will be putting away in storage or leaving in your friend’s basement, and only leave out the clothes and toiletries that you will need up until you leave.


If you live in a dorm, Physical Plant will thank you for this. If you live off campus, you are probably already used to doing this every week anyway so make sure you get it done before you and your roommates leave for the summer.

10. Figure out with your roommates what stuff is yours.

The last thing you need after packing up your car is your roommate yelling at you for taking “her” coffee-maker. If you are living with roommates, go through small appliances and figure out who will be taking what home, especially if you paid for them collectively.  

11. Start a summer workout plan (check for different hours at the gym)

If you’ve been munching on bistro food as study fuel the past couple of weeks, then it is definitely time to get back on your A-game and start a fitness and/or health plan to get back to feeling like your best self.

12. Organize a last meal with your friends

This is definitely one of the sadder things to check off your to-do list but make sure you know when all of your friends are heading home and plan one last meal together accordingly.

13. Go to all your favorite Worcester spots

You won’t realize how much you miss Bagel Time until you’re at home stuck with a fridge full of healthy foods.

14. Explore new Worcester spots

 There are lots of cool places to check out that you might not have even heard of, like BirchTree Bread Company, Crompton Collective, Grime, and many more!

15. Clear out current semester binders, notebooks, etc. and determine what you want to save

The worst thing about starting a new school year is pulling out your binders and folders only to find them full of notes from the previous semester’s classes. Nothing says closure like going through your notes after a final and either recycling them, or giving them to a friend who is enrolled for that class for the upcoming semester. Good riddance!