Top 6 Tips for a Great Spree Day ‘16

Honestly, I’ve been thinking about Spree Day all semester. After working as a Co-Chair, I’m particularly excited for “Lost At Spree!” Here are some quick tips to make sure you take advantage of all there is to offer on Spree Day!

1. Snap a picture of the schedule while you’re checking in

The schedule will be emailed out to you, but if you have your phone on you snap a quick pic and set is as your lock screen for the day. It gives you a chance to really review it while you’re waiting in line for your Spree Day t-shirt and if you set it as your lock screen that day it’ll allow you quick access to see what’s going on.

2. Tie Dye your shirt

New this year, we’ve partnered with OPEN for t-shirt tie dying in the morning. While it can be fun to wear your Spree Day shirt around that day, this gives you a chance to create your own memorable keepsake and make your white t-shirt more unique for the years to come.

3. Take lots of pictures

STIR Magazine will have a photo both again and there will be lots of great photo ops! Pose for the professionals that will be around that day and take your own pictures with your squad. Make sure to pull out Snapchat as we will have a special snap-surprise on Spree Day.  

4. Get into the theme

The goal is for everyone to really escape the pressure of school for the day and feel ‘lost at sea’ for 24 hours. Dress to impress with these DIY tees and tailor your own to match the nautical theme. Take pictures by the decorations to match the theme and get really into it! And don’t forget to use the official hashtags when you post all of those selfies: #lostatspree and #cuspree16.

5. Stick around for the band and end of day activities

We cannot get enough of this year’s band, Vacationer! They are going on around 3pm at the end of the day so make sure to stick around for their music. The food trucks will arrive at 1pm and the fun continues until 4pm. Then, take a break and a quick nap so you can be up for another food truck and the ice-cream social at 7:30pm. Finally, finish off the night by watching The Life of Pi screened by CUFS at 8pm in Jeff 320!

6. Follow @CUSpree on Social Media

Spree Day is on Snapchat, Spotify and Instagram as @CUSpree and on Facebook as CU Spree Day! Make sure to follow us on ALL accounts to stay updated on the different activities. If you can’t participate or are off campus (i.e. all you lovelies studying abroad), Snapchat will be a great way for you to stay updated with the festivities.