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What else can you do on Thanksgiving Day after you’re stuffed with food and wine? Nothing but curl up on the couch and watch some Netflix. Get cozy watching the best Friends Thanksgiving episodes. Here are my top five.

The One With All The Thanksgivings

You know it’s a good Friends episode when you get to see the gang in their high school or college days. They each tell the story of their worst Thanksgiving ever. Chandler recalls losing a toe because of Monica. The famous turkey head dance was born this episode, and Chandler accidentally tells Monica he loves her. Flashbacks to Chandler’s crazy 80’s hairdo and a wholesome Chandler and Monica moment make for a perfect episode.

The One Where Ross Got High

Rachel is in charge of making the dessert, with no backup from Monica because she fully trusts her. Unfortunately for everyone else, she accidentally adds beef to the trifle. Monica reveals that she hasn’t told her parents that she and Chandler are living together. Lots of truths come out in this Thanksgiving episode when Ross and Monica tattle on each other to their parents.

The One With The Rumor

Monica invites an old classmate from high school who became super good looking. Will, played by Brad Pitt, is less than happy to see Rachel who tormented him in high school. He takes out his anger by piling on the yams (relatable). It’s revealed that Will was part of an “I hate Rachel” club with Ross, who’s currently expecting a baby with her. And even worse, Rachel finds out it was them who started the rumor that she had a “teenie weenie”.

The One With Chandler In A Box

Joey and Chandler have always been friendship goals. Chandler breaks Joey’s trust by kissing his girlfriend Kathy. Chandler tries all day to get back into Joey’s good graces with no luck. Finally, he decides that to prove how much he cares about their friendship, Chandler will “do some thinking” in a box.

He spends all Thanksgiving locked up in a box. When Kathy comes by to break up with him, Joey forgives Chandler and tells him to run after her. And to top it off, Monica brings Richard’s son as her date to dinner (yikes).

The One Where Underdog Gets Away

The first Thanksgiving the six spend together is filled with a lot of unexpected bumps, but you see the gang really form itself. Chandler can’t shake the trauma of his childhood Thanksgiving and refuses to celebrate. Poor Mon is working hard on Thanksgiving dinner, trying to appease to everyone’s requests. But when the big floating dog gets cut loose from the parade and they run to the roof to watch, they get locked out. All the food is burnt, and Rachel is forced to miss her flight, but they realize it’s fine as long as they’re together.

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