Chocolate Candies

Top 10 Worst Halloween Candies

Halloween is just around the corner. Trick or treating might be a thing of the past, but buying bags of discounted candy the day after isn’t. I have the biggest sweet tooth and am super picky about my candy. So in preparation for the spookiest holiday of the year, here is a definitive ranking of the worst Halloween candy.

  1. 1. Candy Corn

    This is a love it or hate it candy. Personally, I hate the stuff. It’s waxy and tasteless. Sure it looks festive, but it tastes absolutely atrocious.

  2. 2. Dots

    They stick to your teeth like nothing else. The flavors are like a cough syrup. Dots have zero redeeming qualities. They disguise themselves as seemingly normal gummies and then hit you with a terrible taste and texture.

  3. 3. Bit-O-Honey

    I remember a few of these slipping into my trick or treating bag when I was little. Why would you ever do this to kids? It’s like a bad version of Laffy Taffy.

  4. 4. Cow Tales

    Powdery, dusty, and overly sweet. Definitely not a fan of this one.

  5. 5. Black Licorice

    Candy is supposed to be sweet and enjoyable, not taste like tar. Thank you, next.

  6. 6. Double Bubble

    Not only is getting gum bad enough on Halloween, it’s like all the bubblegum flavor was sucked out of Dubble Bubble Gum. Stale and hard gum, no thanks.

  7. 7. Hot Tamales

    Cinnamon candy just isn’t right. I have a pretty compelling theory that any pellet shaped candy is bound to taste awful.

  8. 8. Mike and Ike

    Exhibit B to my theory. Pellet shaped candy is never good.

  9. 9. Crunch Bar

    Probably the least satisfying chocolate candy bar of all time. The crunch isn’t powerful and totally overshadowed by Kit Kats

  10. 10. Hershey Bars

    This might be a controversial one. Chocolate bars are the absolute best. I love a good Kit Kat or a Snickers. But admit it, Hershey's kind of taste like soapy chocolate.