Things to Look Forward to During Spring Semester

After a much needed winter break and a small taste of the freedom of summer, it can be really difficult transitioning back to school-mode. Our workloads are piling up, we feel a little bit homesick, and the weather is definitely not helping out with our mood. Needless to say, spring semester kind of sucks. However, there are a lot of fun things that happen during this semester that will give you enough motivation to get through the next couple of cold, dark months.

  • Spree Day: Clark's infamous Spree Day happens sometime in April, and is one of Clark's best-kept traditions. Classes are canceled on an unannounced day, and all the students gather on the green for barbeque, food trucks, concerts, and carnival rides.
  • Gala: Every year, the International Student Association hosts a huge event in the Kneller in which students represent countries and partake in a dance performance. They spend months preparing for this and it's always a really good time thanks to the entertaining hosts. Another fun way to get through this semester would be to actually join Gala!
  • Spring Break: A break in the middle of the winter months is the perfect excuse to plan a vacation with your friends to go to a much, much warmer place. Even if you don't plan on escaping the cold, you'll at least be able to escape campus.
  • Sporting events: A Saturday morning game is the perfect excuse to take a break from your homework for a couple hours and cheer on your friends. The Spring semester is home to many sports including Men's Lacrosse, Women's Tennis, and many others.

No matter how you plan on getting through this dreary so-called "spring" semester, remember to stay positive and enjoy it as much as you can! College goes by a lot faster than you'd think - take it from a second semester senior.