Thanksgiving Break: Catching Up with Grey's Anatomy

Thanksgiving break is the time for scarfing down apple pie, picking your Secret Santa, and of course, catching up on all your favorite shows! This year, you better block out some time to watch the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy (or, if you’re not fully caught up to season 16, mark your calendars to binge-watch the show before the weekend’s over!).

Grey’s Anatomy has never shied away from important, controversial topics, often adding political commentary on social issues in its episodes. Whether it be abortion or racial issues, this TV show’s touched a multitude of heavy topics. Just last season, the fifteenth season of the show, an episode called “Silent All These Years” aired. This episode tactfully discussed the issue of rape, showing how doctors should treat rape victims and what is involved in the process of a rape kit. If you haven’t seen this particular episode, it’s a must-watch.

Season 16, though, has made waves in regards to another sensitive topic: the problems with America’s current healthcare system. Just eight episodes in, -- spoiler alert -- the show’s protagonist, Meredith Grey, has participated in court-mandated community service after committing insurance fraud in the previous season to help an undocumented immigrant’s daughter receive medical treatment. Grey has also an article which inadvertently was published, discussing the deep-rooted issues in the fictitious hospital, Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. “The sicker you are, the richer we get” and “In the eyes of the hospital, you are your insurance” are just a few of the statements from the article. Slowly becoming an activist for change in the healthcare industry, Meredith Grey’s character has become a fascinating catalyst for discussion on issues with America’s healthcare system. There is no saying how this season will end, but if it continues on the path it’s going, there’s going to be some more hell raised.