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To Swipe Left or Right: What to Avoid on Tinder

A common topic of discussion among collegiettes recently has been Tinder. Originally, I thought it was just a way to meet new people or to go on dates with them but have recently been talking to some guys and girls about things they like and dislike about the popular app. Unsurprisingly, there are lots of things that many people dislike. Here is a complete list of things to be aware of if you want to increase your number of matches on Tinder.

Mirror Selfies: If you have not mastered the front facing camera yet you should get on that. And guys, shirtless selfies are very middle school.

Group Photos: If you are in a group in every picture and someone can’t tell which one is you, it’s a huge swipe left.

Alcohol: If you’re old enough to have alcohol, you are old enough to know it shouldn’t be in every picture. Flaunting alcohol in photos is a huge turn off.

Jobs: Believe it or not, people do look at where it says you go to college or what your job is. If it reads McDonald’s cashier or janitor, expect a swipe left. People like it when their matches have promising futures.

Pictures from High School: Delete those old prom and graduation photos. Odds are you don’t look like that anymore and should probably give up the high school hall of fame mentality. 

Other things that girls said they didn’t like in guys’ profiles were weird mustaches, pictures with hot girls and looking different in every photo, to name a few. For the guys, they didn’t like profiles of girls that had too much makeup on, were showing too much cleavage or wearing super short outfits or had photos with other hot guys. 

What are your least favorite things to see on Tinder? Let us know in the comments!

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