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Summer in Paris: Brittney Lacerte

This week we caught up with sophomore Brittney Lacerte to hear about an amazing opportunity she has this summer. Read on to hear about her exciting plans!

Name: Brittney Lacerte

Hometown: Weare, New Hampshire

Major/Minor: Major in Biology, minor in Education

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m 21 years old and grew up in a small town north of here. Before coming to Clark, I took a gap year and did a year of service with AmeriCorps. I’m a member of Dance Society and am also a co-director of the group, and I’m involved in NARAL as well.

We hear you have some exciting summer plans!

This summer I decided I wanted to travel, but being in college and paying for it myself makes it hard to afford. I decided to fill out an application on Au Pair International, and chose France as the country I wanted to work in. Growing up I was obsessed with the idea of France and studied the language for seven years, so France was a natural choice for me. I found a family that I really connected with –  they have daughters that reminded me of my sisters and me. I leave during June and am spending almost three months living just west of Paris, nannying for two amazing girls.

Is this your first time abroad?

This isn’t my first time abroad, I went to Canada and Ecuador last year, but this is my first time leaving the country alone!

How did you find this opportunity?

I originally heard about Au Pair opportunities last year while waitressing. I knew I wanted to travel this upcoming summer, but wanted to feel more immersed in the culture than I would have as a tourist.  A co-worker recommended this particular Au Pair program and I decided to make a profile and see what happened. I found a family that worked with my schedule and I could see myself living with, so I decided to go for it!

What are you most looking forward to during your summer in Europe?

I’m most looking forward to relaxing, reading some good books, and of course the Parisian food!

Thanks, Brittney!


Haley is a student at Clark University studying Management with plans to pursue an MBA. On campus you can find Haley working as an assistant in the President's Office, or dancing (like nobody's watching!) with Clark University Dance Society. Beyond campus she loves her cat, her cousins, and chocolate. Her favorite color is pink, and she could watch The Mindy Project for days. Haley is looking forward to being a part of the Her Campus Clark team!
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