The Stages of Going Out on Halloween

One of the best things about Halloween in college is going out!  Halloween in college is a best deal.  It can be very stressful and equally fun night!  Luckily some of our favorite Halloween friends completely understand a Halloween night out.

When you wake up, and realize what day it is

Waiting for your girls to come over to get ready

When your group costume is fire

When the pregame gets you feeling right

Walking to a party and running into all your friends

Walking into the party and not recognizing anybody

Walking in anyway because you look fabulous

When a rando starts dancing on you

When you know it's time to leave

When you're in the Uber home

When you're home but still ready to party

When you finally run out of energy

Waking up the next morning ready to do it all again

Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween, collegiettes!