Senior Series: Molly Wyatt

This week we sat down with senior, Molly Wyatt! Read on to hear her talk about her favorite class and what advice she would give to underclassmen.

Name: Molly Wyatt 

Hometown: Holliston, MA

Major: Psychology

Minor (if you have one): Education

Favorite Professor at Clark: Michael Klugerman because he makes me love math and brings bagels every class.

Favorite Class at Clark: "Field Experience: Human Services with Nathaniel Seale" Loved sitting in a circle and talking about how we feel about education.

Favorite Spot to Study on Campus and Why: Third floor of the lib because you can do work but still see the homies.

Favorite Bistro Snack: Obviously pizzaritas! 

What has been your favorite thing about going to school at Clark? Clark has definitely opened my eyes to be more socially aware.

What will you miss most about Clark? Clarkies.

What clubs and activities were you involved with on campus? Freshman year I was involved in AKOG, but I've always had an off campus job and volunteered off campus!

What are your best words of wisdom for underclassmen? Do Gala at least once, explore restaurants and places in Worcester, get to know the community around you, get off campus, take a class that you wouldn't usually choose to take. 

What are your plans post-graduation? I'm doing the 5th year teaching program for elementary school and then will hopefully have my own classroom! :) 

Thanks, Molly!