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Senior Series: Maya Fox

Our final senior of the semester in our Senior Series is none other than Maya Fox! Maya has some beautiful words of advice for underclassmen, so read on to hear what she has to say! 

Name: Maya Fox

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Major: Psychology

Minor: Education

Favorite Professor at Clark: Nathaniel Seale

Favorite Class at Clark: The Study of Death and Dying

Favorite Spot to Study on Campus and Why:

The fifth floor of the library! The views from the windows are amazing, especially when the sun is setting. It is so quiet and gives me space to be productive.

Favorite Bistro Snack:

Garden Salsa Sun Chips

What has been your favorite thing about going to school at Clark?

I have definitely enjoyed the myriad of experiences I have had at this school. I think that Clark keeps us very engaged and I can honestly say there are few dull moments. I also love that people feel free, respected, and safe to be themselves.

What will you miss most about Clark?

I will definitely miss the close community that I have built here. One thing that sets this campus apart from others is that we have such a small campus and anywhere I go there is a friendly face. The world outside of Clark is nothing like that and I will miss it.

What clubs and activities were you involved with on campus?

Senior Class Gift Committee, Peer Educator with the Center for Counseling and Personal Growth, and Residential Life and Housing (Resident Adviser and Housing Complex Manager).

What are your best words of wisdom for underclassmen?

You only have four years here; make sure that you fill them with time devoted to your studies, but also have fun. Take this time to live for yourself and be happy!

What are your plans post-graduation?

I do not know what I am doing yet. But, I can say that I hope my next journey is just as wonderful, thought provoking and as full of growth as this one has been.


Thanks, Maya!

Jess is a Senior at Clark University who hails from Detroit, Michigan. She spends her time at college studying Psychology and Culture Studies & Communication, and trying to get involved in everything she can on campus! Jess wears a number of hat's around campus such as, President of the Student Activities Board, Co-President of Radio of Clark University, an intern for the Student Leadership and Programming Office, waitress at Annies Clark Brunch, and the Events Director for Clark's chapter of Her Campus! In her spare time Jess enjoys listening to music, reading, exploring Worcester, and spending time with friends!
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