Scared Silly: Spotlight on Annie Share and the Haunted Asylum


Annie Share






Minneapolis, MN



Sociology with an Urban Development concentration and a Spanish minor  


What was your role for the Haunted Jonas Clark Asylum?

Together, Jess Bond and I spear headed the event. She ordered the supplies and I worked on the creative side along with Clark Players Society, Peapod and Shenanigans.



How did Shenanigans and Peapod come up with the idea?

I came up with the idea a few years ago and I have been waiting for someone work on it with. When Jess Bond heard of the idea she helped get it off the ground and together we got the other groups involved.


How did you prepare for the Haunted Asylum?

Chloe Anderson, Emily Denny and Amelia Mohr created the story and broke it up into segments. Peapod and Shenanigans were the tour guides and showed the video, and extras were placed around the room to create a creepy vibe. CUPS had the sensory deprivation, and the escape room was run by CMT which was led by Chloe. Jess and I then spent a lot of money at party city.


What was the funniest reaction you saw during the haunted house?

I enjoyed seeing the bros come through and try to assert their masculinity. Some people were laughing the entire time, which was fun to see. The floaters were the scariest part; Charlotte Maxwell was under the stairs creeping people out and it was funny to see people clinging to their friends.



What was your favorite part about the haunted house?

I loved being a tour guide. Alexander Veseka was my partner and we created some really great stories and had a fun time. It was great how many groups were involved and I loved getting to see how amazing everyone was and seeing everyone have fun. SPOC, RHA and Relay for Life also had activities outside.  It was great to see everyone involved and excited in something.


Did you think it was a hit with the Clark Community and would you like to do it next year?

I want to make it happen again next year! It will be really hard without Jess, but we are planning on creating another story line so each year we can do something different and hopefully get more people involved.