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Samuel Little: Serial Killer

Spooky season just got a whole lot scarier with the FBI’s recent identification of Samuel Little as “the most prolific serial killer in United States history.”  Over the past several months, Little has confessed to the grisly stranglings of 93 women from 1970 to 2005. The FBI stated that it believes all of Little’s confessions, according to FBI analysts. According to NBC News, the 79-year old confessed to 90 more murders in 2018 while already serving life in prison. Throughout the time of his alleged killings, Little traveled city to city looking for vulnerable women to prey on, including mostly poor, black women, according to the New York Times. Several of the women killed were addicted to drugs and some were prostitutes. Many of their deaths did not elicit much media coverage or the same level of public horror as similar killings did.   The FBI is currently seeking any information from the public regarding the veracity of Little’s confessions and to identify victims, especially since Little’s old age means his memory ranges from good to poor. Little has released dozens of detailed sketches of his victims which police are using to try to identify some victim, according to the New York Times.  In videotaped interviews, Little seems to be enjoying going over the details of the murders and can be seen smiling and laughing while describing the tragedies, adding to the disturbance of already horrific cases.  Christie Palazzolo, a ViCAP crime analyst stated that while Little is already serving three consecutive lifetime sentences in California, “The FBI believes it is important to seek justice for each victim—to close every case possible.”

Clark U class of '22
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