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Roommate Horror Stories

For most of us, college is our first time sharing a room with someone. The period between when you fill out your school’s dorm survey and when you get paired with your roommate can be pretty daunting, and most of the time schools do a pretty good job at pairing people up. It’s not uncommon, however, for people to get paired with roommates they’re not fully compatible with. This week, we interviewed Clark students about some of the craziest roommate “horror stories” they’d heard of or experienced, and here’s what they had to say.

“My friend on a sports team had an incredibly important game, and the night before the game, he was woken up and then sexiled for 5 hours. He didn’t sleep the entire night before the game, and his roommate ended up not even getting with the girl, so it was for nothing.”

“One of the first things my friend learned about her freshman year roommate after moving in with her was that she left left used pads and tampons just sitting around the room.”

“The craziest story that I’ve heard was about this girl’s roommate who stole clothes and stuff from her, and would wear it and use it but deny that she stole it. She kept doing this until the girl switched rooms.”

“My roommate blow dries her hair at 2AM while I’m trying to sleep. She also texts me at 3AM to tell me, not ask me, that she’s having a guy sleep over”

“I lived with someone my first year who was just very different from me. We did not have compatible living styles at all. I decided to move out so I made the arrangements to move into a new room on my 18th birthday actually. I told her the truth about me being unhappy and moving out in the coming weeks. It was really awkward and emotional. That same evening I found out I couldn’t move out. RLH had a system error and planned for me to move into a room that was already fully occupied. We lived together for the rest of the year even though she knew I didn’t want to be there… awkward.”

“My friend and I put our beds together at the beginning of freshman year to make a megabed. Halfway through the year, we got in a huge fight and I came back to find our beds separated. We barely talked the rest of the schoolyear.”

“One of my friends who goes to another school told me that her roommate had sex with her boyfriend… WHILE my friend was in the room trying to sleep! In addition, when said friend told her roomie that she wanted to live with another girl the next year, this girl screamed at her for a week straight… Shockingly, they’re still friends now!”

Annabelle is a Senior at Clark University, finishing her undergraduate studies in Business Management, and starting her MBA studies in the 5th year accelerated degree program at Clark. She loves fashion, photography, and writing!
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