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Review of Ps. I Still Love You

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.

Warning: there will be spoilers.

Ps. I Still Love You, the Netflix movie is based on the book by author Jenny Han. My rating for the movie is 9.9/10 stars. I loved that compared to the first movie of this sequel, it was more PG-13 and less PG. Everyone remembers their first everything whether it is a relationship, car, phone, etc. Lara Jean goes into her first relationship with uncertainty and striving for perfection. Later on towards the end she realizes, there is no such thing as a “perfect” relationship, and that is okay.

The movie shows us what Lara Jean is thinking about as she approaches obstacles throughout her relationship with Peter such as comparing herself to Peter’s ex-girlfriend. I love how the movie does not sugar coat these very relatable obstacles people must overcome in their own relationships with loved ones. At the end of the movie, Gen (Peter’s ex-girlfriend) reassures Lara Jean that Peter loves her, and it seems as though this is exactly what LJ needs to hear.

One aspect of the movie I did not enjoy is how from the gecko John Ambrose was a second option. I felt as though he and Lara Jean could have had a real connection if Lara Jean took him into serious consideration. Poor John was left to just figure out his feelings after Lara Jean left him outside during the senior home’s dance party.

Overall, I love seeing the character development Lara Jean had from the first movie to the second. She is more self-conscious as she is trying to be the best girlfriend she can be but this also means that she needs constant reassurance. The character development I am referring to is her overall confidence.

I highly recommend watching it if you want to watch a cute romantic chick-flick.