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Post-Election Thoughts

In the wake of all that has happened this week, there are many strong emotions and feelings that people are trying to deal with right now. HC Clark asked for some responses regarding things that give our readers hope for the future of our nation. 

Putting your political affiliations aside, what is something that gives you hope about the next four years?

“I’m hopeful for the future because I have seen so many people come together to support each other in the past few days. Seeing this gives me hope for humanity, and for our country.” -Olivia

“My little sister can vote in the next election” –Anonymous

“I have hope that we as a nation will move closer to understanding one another’s needs for the future” -Alex

“That so many women of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community who were elected into Congress and various other positions now have the chance to show all of the wonderful things they can do.” –Anonymous

Being surrounded by strong people that are willing to fight towards a common goal and constantly support one another along the way.” -Raistlin

“Knowing that I will have a college degree and will be on to the next level of my education within the next four years.” -Gaby

Youth and their resiliency” –Anonymous

“The sense of community developing between those who are in similar situations” –Anonymous

“The people are inspired. We are fired up. We are ready to go change the world.” -Anonymous

Higher amount of women in Congress” –Anonymous

“Fiscal responsibility by the federal government” -Anonymous


Thank you everyone for your responses!


Ciara is a student at Clark studying Political Science as well as Cultural Studies & Communication. She spends her time running around between classes, working at both the Campus Store and Annie's Clark Brunch and trying to figure out what to do with her life after she graduates this May. When Ciara is not juggling her busy schedule, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, binge-watching Netflix (specifically The Office) and reminiscing her semester abroad in Ireland. Her favorite color is green and her guilty pleasure TV shows are The Bachelor and Dance Moms. Ciara is thrilled to be a Campus Correspondent alongside one of her best friends, Kelly Rourke! Be sure to follow her daily shenanigans via Twitter and Instagram @ckils23 HCxo
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