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Plans for When The Semester Ends

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.

After everything that has happened this semester, it is crazy to think that it is finally coming to an end. And if you are anything like me, then you start to wonder… what do we do now that we don’t have assignments or exams to study for? How do we keep busy during quarantine?

Well, here are some of the things that I have thought about doing to keep myself busy:

Practice Self Care

The semester is ending and let’s be honest, we all deserve to finally take a break and relax. So, make sure to take some time out of your day and focus on yourself and your mental health. It is ok if you need to take a couple of “lazy days” right after the semester ends to refocus.

Start a Bullet Journal

Starting a bullet journal has been something that I have always wanted to attempt, but was always worried that I would never have the time to keep up with. It’s been a week since I started personalizing my journal and it’s been fun and stress relieving to do. So I recommend starting that if that is something you are interested in.

Be Active

This is something I can not stress enough. Being active and exercising is so important. It is something that I have been struggling with since the start of this quarantine. One of my goals this summer (or I guess until whenever this is all over) is to start doing quick at-home exercises every day for at least 30 mins.

Learn to Bake/Cook something new

When is it better to try out new recipes than right now?! Nothing is better than seeing people enjoy the food that YOU made yourself. This is something I for sure want to try more of.

Reorganize and Clean out the room/house.

So I have to admit… I haven’t fully unpacked all my things yet since moving back home from campus. But that is all going to change soon (I hope)! A goal of mine is to finally unpack everything and get rid of some things that I don’t need/want anymore. So, if you find yourself with nothing to do, then do this and declutter and reorganize your room/house! I think you will feel a lot better afterward. I know I will.

These are just some basic things that I have thought about doing once this semester is completed and I have more time on my hands. Of course, this is not much, but it’s a start in thinking about ways to stay productive when this semester is over.

Michelle is currently majoring in Management with a concentration in Marketing. She loves to travel and hopes to one day take a dip into marketing world.