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An Open Letter to the Millenial Who Didn’t Vote

Hey Friend,

I heard you weren’t able to get out to vote on November 6 this year. What happened? I thought we were in this together. I know you might have been busy with work or academic commitments, or maybe your time management was off that day. It’s okay, I understand. I tried to call you and all of our friends—everyone wanted to promote the #BlueWave.

Remember the conversations we had about political topics with our friends and all of our tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts? We had talked about how important it is to do research and support those who are working for the well being of us all. We said that people needed to accentuate that trans rights are important, immigrants are humans and important, women’s bodies are under their own choice, black lives matter, sustainability will protect our environment, and that we can fight against the ills facing our society by voting and making our voices heard. So what happened to you at the polls?

I know you’re as scared as we are of Republicans continuing to run our democracy into the ground. But I’m left to ask, did you think your vote didn’t matter? If you did, imagine what it’s like when millions of people feel that way. All of those voices were left unheard. I’m not shaming you, and I hope you know that. I just wish you would have said something sooner. . . I could have reassured you that your opinions do matter. I know voting isn’t a revolution or an immediate change, but every vote is a step of progression towards the governmental revolution we want.

It’s disappointing that you missed this one, but next time, let us know that you need a better understanding of how important your singular voice can be in national and statewide elections, okay? We’re here to lift you up and work together as a whole for these changes. No one’s blaming you, friend. We just want you to exercise your civic duty. It’s really important that you go next time because I know how much you love quoting Jack Black saying, “anyway, I love you all so much ― except for Donald Trump’s a piece of sh*t.” We can’t change things if we don’t keep voting, rallying, and protesting. We’re given these freedoms, and I know you want to utilize them. So let’s do it together every time!

We have to stick together, friend. Not only for the sake of our government’s stability, for the sake of LGBTQIA+ people, immigrants, black lives, the environment, women, and the future generations that will have to grow up in the government we influence. We missed you at the polls; it wasn’t the same without you there. Next time let’s go together, sound good?


                                Your Friend,

                                    The Millennial that Voted


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