Nipsey Hussle: Fatally Shot

Nipsey Hussle, 33, was fatally shot on Sunday outside of his store in Los Angeles. LAPD have identified Eric Holder as the suspect, and deemed that the murder was a result of a personal conflict. On Wednesday, the LAPD arrested the suspected killer. He is due to appear in court the following day.    The rapper, entrepreneur, and activist was scheduled to meet with LAPD and Roc Nation the following Monday to discuss how to help end gang violence according to the LA Police Commissioner, Steve Soboroff’s tweet.    Nipsey Hussle was deeply dedicated to helping the community and was a positive light that many will miss. Several celebrities have shown their condolences and a large tribute at the scene of the murder drew hundreds.  Nipsey Hussle’s brother spoke with ABC News, saying that, “​He was somebody that believed in the process of hard work, determination and just the positivity of somebody staying in the area that he grew up in and making something out of nothing”   Hussle was a role model to many and was known for his positive community work and impressive entrepreneurship. He founded Vector 90 in Crenshaw, a co-working space and STEM center dedicated to elevating inner city youth and helping them develop entrepreneurship skills.    His loss is felt strongly by all those he touched with his music and community ventures.