Midterms As Told By The Stars of The Grammys

So maybe the stars that ruled the night at the Grammys don't have to take midterms, but they can certainly relate to all of the feelings we have about those pesky papers and exams coming at us right now...

1. Choosing the right outfit to boost your confidence before the exam.

2. When you know you need to stay in and study but the squad has plans for the night. #FOMO

3. When you realize that nothing from the study guide is on the exam.

4. When you bullshit an entire essay but somehow still answer the prompt.

5. When the professor mentions that there is potential for extra credit.

6. When you and your best friend know you just aced the exam. #winning

7. The look you give the rest of the class when you’re the first one to finish the exam.

8. Trying to make your friend feel better after they failed their exam.

9. When someone asks you how you think you did.

10. When you know you failed but you just don’t care because you believe the curve will save you.