Meet the Team: Victoria Beyer

Name: Victoria Beyer

Year: Sophomore


Long Answer

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m a sophomore majoring in International Development and Social Change. I love theater, writing, and community service.


What’s your favorite thing about Clark right now?:

Clark is really pretty in the fall. The New England aesthetic really thrives in October.


Quick, This or That!

Vanilla or chocolate?

Vanilla ice cream. Chocolate almost everything else.


Morning or night person?



Tea or coffee?

Coffee. By IV if necessary.


Cat or dog?

                Objectively, there’s a right answer. Personally, I can’t offend my babies.


City or suburbs?



Indoors or outdoors?

                Outdoors in summer. Indoors in winter.


Comedy or horror movie?



TV or movie?



Mountains or beach?