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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.

Long Answer

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Julia Rose Nzuki and I’m proud to be a co-correspondent for Clark’s Her Campus Chapter this year!

I’m currently a sophomore who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Development, minoring in Education and concentrating in Africana Studies. I also hope to do the fifth year program at Clark to get my master’s degree in Education!

I’m a commuter student and work part-time at a waxing salon so I find myself to be always on the go. In my downtime, I love to travel! Whether that be big or small adventures; from trying out a new cafe or old bookstore to leaving the state or even country! I’m always down for new experiences. If I’m not doing homework, working or in class you could probably find me listening to music, exploring nature, laughing at nonsense & kickin it with friends.


Why’d you join Her Campus?:

I joined Her Campus my first year because I’ve been into online magazines for as long as I can remember. Every day after school, my middle school self would religiously check GirlsLife.com and read up on what I missed, enter every giveaway and try to attain as much life advice a middle school girl felt like they needed. As I’ve grown up, I’ve started to adopt writing as a hobby of mine that I’ve fallen in love with. I write when I’m mad, upset, can’t figure out how I’m feeling- or just to document a great day or event! I took an online journalism class my senior year of high school and it got me into writing about current events. I thought about majoring in journalism a lot when applying to colleges, but later on, decided to keep it as something for enjoyment.

I’m big into following bloggers and thought it would be cool to become part of such a similar platform with other girls in college.

A year later and I’m helping to run our chapter and I could not be happier!


What’s your favorite thing about Clark right now?:

The people I interact with day to day, poetry events & my education classes!


Quick, This or That!

Vanilla or chocolate?

Vanilla fo’ sure! It’s a classic, and nothing vanilla every disappoints!


Tea or coffee?

COFFEE. I could probably write a 30 page paper on how much I adore coffee. Yeah, slightly addicted.


City or suburbs?

I’m such a big city fanatic. It would be a dream to live in NYC.


Comedy or horror movie?

I can enjoy both but if I had to pick, horror! I think it’s so fascinating how watching a scary movie can physically make you so uncomfortable and paranoid in your own environment. It’s a whole experience and I love it.


Book or movie?

I wanted to say “book”, but I always end up seeing the movie first! “Movie”,  it is!


Pancakes or Waffles?

Pancakes… but my go-to is French toast!


Rain or snow?

I like the sun too much to pick one!

I don’t mind rain or snow that much if I can be inside all day curled up with a mug of coffee and some lazy day activities. I’ll give rain the benefit of the doubt since it’s easier to be out and about in it. Although, they are both beautiful to watch fall from the sky.


Fruits or vegetables?

Fruits! A few favorites of mine are mangos, kiwis and raspberries.


Julia is a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Clark University. She is currently a sophomore who is pursuing a bachelor's degree in International Development, along with a minor in Education and a concentration in Africana Studies. Julia aspires to travel the world and all it encapsulates. When she is not writing for Her Campus, Julia can be found in nature, listening to music, indulged in a good book at a local cafe or drowning in her coursework at the library.