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Name: Ava Bartolome

Year: First Year


Long Answer

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I was born in Hawaii, but I lived in Oregon ages 5 through 17. Now in the East Coast, I’m a freshman at Clark University, and I’m interested in a computer science and psychology double major. I can’t choose between my logic-oriented side and my love for the human mind, so I’ve chosen both for the time being! Since I was a kid I’ve sort of maintained the same interests: still I love to read, play instruments, watch shows and movies, bake, and do arts & crafts. My love for writing faltered a bit while growing up, but with Her Campus, Scarlet, and SURJ, I hope to revive it.


Why’d you join Her Campus?:

I joined Her Campus for several reasons. A large part of me joined to give myself a voice. I think working with Her Campus, and writing about things like self-help, pop-culture, and news will give me one.  It’ll be a small, simple voice, but it’s something. I also joined to improve and explore my writing skills. I know I have a natural ability, but I know with effort and exploration I could be much better. Lastly, I joined because I want to be as involved as possible. Here at Clark, I want to establish a genuine sense of belonging and purpose.


What’s your favorite thing about Clark right now?:

I am really enjoying Clark’s atmosphere. Anywhere else, I’d feel out of place, pressured, and lost. At Clark I feel none of these things. Clark moves at the ideal pace, has an ideal feeling of community, and offers the ideal opportunities for where I am in my life right now.


Quick, This or That!

Morning or night person?

A night person who wishes she was a morning person </3


Cat or dog?

Cats always—even if I’m allergic.


City or suburbs?



Indoors or outdoors?

Outdoors. I’m not a fan of the bugs (the mean ones), but I love nature and all of its beauty!


Summer or winter?



Hamburgers or hot dogs?

Hamburgers for sure. They’re so versatile. It’s great.


Singing or dancing?



Fruits or vegetables?



Skates or bike?



Skiing or snowboarding?

Sports? I don’t know her.

Ava is a first year at Clark University. She finds passion in topics like psychology and sociology, and she loves to read about both subjects. Reading and being with friends fills most of her time, but watching Netflix (mostly The Office) and looking at memes are also things she loves to do.
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