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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.

**Spoiler Alert**

First of all, if you have not watched Love is Blind…what are you doing? I will give you my username and password so you can watch it on Netflix, just kidding, not really. Love is Blind is a chaotic beautiful mess but also a new show on Netflix where people can get engaged without ever seeing each other. After someone proposes ( because in this season a woman proposes too), they get to see each other. The point of the show is to determine whether or not Love is Blind. Here is my review of the couples who made it to the end of the season in no particular order: 

Kenny and Kelly

The result of the wedding was the most surprising to me with Kelly saying “ I don’t”. I was so shocked, to me it seemed as though Kenny and Kelly were pretty solid from episode to episode. Kelly expressed her concerns for Kenny not being able to pleasure her when they eventually got intimate (after they got married, which did not happen). Kenny was such a sweet guy and did not push her to do anything she did not want to do. Kelly really did not know what she wanted, nor was she there to get married. Poor Kenny took it like a man at the altar by talking to the guests (close friends and family) about their relationship. I was very disappointed in Kelly but also glad they did not get married after seeing how unsure Kelly was about it all.

Jessica and Mark

WHAT A MESS. It is fair to say Jessica is the least favorite person on the show. Her obsession with Barnett was pretty pathetic, especially after he got engaged. She still went after Barnett and kept disrespecting not only Mark (her fiance) but also Amber (Barnette’s fiance). On the contrary, I did not completely feel bad for Mark, he is a grown man and should have left that relationship a LONG time ago. He kept fighting a battle which he had already lost because the other opponent (Jessica) was already gone. The crazy thing I saw was how happy she was walking down the aisle (by herself) getting ready to reject Mark ( which we all saw coming). She let Mark and his entire family down and put him to shame, I wish she had ended it earlier. Jessica really was a Messica and I hope she learns how to be a decent human being after this experience.    

Gigi and Damian

LOL. Gigi is an amazing actress and Damian is…well…I don’t even know. I could not keep up with Gigi’s multiple personalities and moods. At first, watching her it was entertaining and then towards the end, I just felt bad for Damian, especially during the scene where Gigi talks about their intimate moments. Gigi says “You know how you tell me this is the best s*x of your life, notice how I don’t return the compliment?”. You could see the anger and embarrassment on Damian’s face during that scene and it was very hard to watch. Damian and Gigi are still together even after Damian said “I don’t”, which tells me that he likes his women with a lot of personalities.

Amber and Barnett

This couple seems to be the right fit for each other. They are both goofy, quirky and pretty much the same person. Many fans of the show have expressed concern about their marriage, specifically with Amber’s student debt and work ethic. Amber went through some challenges in her 20’s such as having an abortion, going into the army, etc. She did not finish college and is twenty thousand in debt and never received her degree. She also says she works to live but does not live to work and would like to be a stay at home mom. The reason all of this is concerning is that at age 26, she should have a stronger work ethic. It is noted in the show that she spends time watching tv and eating while staying at homeLife does throw battles at all of us but it is important to try as best as you can, such as taking up a hobby, side hustle, etc. Maybe Netflix cut out parts where she explained her financial situation better but from what I saw, I hope she is not dependent on Barnette.   

Lauren and Cameron

The best couple to be honest in the show. Their love connection was so real and I could feel it through the screen. I can relate to some of the concerns Lauren expressed about being in an interracial relationship ( as am I). Cameron is a cancer and very emotional as we saw in many scenes. Cameron shows a genuine heart and such a kind spirit and I love that for Lauren. They make such a cute couple and I wish them the best. They are the one couple who remained pretty consistent, Lauren had doubts about marrying someone she just met ( which is reasonable). As I watched more episodes I observed that Cameron’s love language is touch and he did just that, touch his woman with kindness. Some key highlights for Lauron ( I made up that ship name just now):
-The wedding
-Cameron rapping to Lauren’s mom
-Cameron meeting Lauren’s dad
-All of their dates (Cameron’s affection)
-Everything about this couple

Overall: I love this show and am very excited about the next season. I like the diversity aspect shown and look forward to seeing other examples of diversity. 10/10 would recommend.