A Lazy Guide To The 2018 Oscars

So this coming Sunday is the Oscars, and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t had the time or money to see most of the nominated movies.  So, I decided to make a quick cheat sheet for the awards, and give a brief  description of all the best picture nominees. Even though there are a whole slew of nominees in the 24 different categories, there’s quite a bit of overlap so this quick guide will definitely help you with some talking points in campus conversations. 


1. Call Me By Your Name 

Set in the 1980s, the movie follows a gifted 17 year old student named Elio Proman, and his blossoming romance with Oliver, an older doctoral student hired by his father.  The movie has 4 nominations.


2.  Darkest Hour

This period piece follows Winston Churchill, beginning with his appointment as British Prime Minister, through his impossibly taxing decision making process during WWII, regarding whether or not to fight or negotiate with Hitler. The movie has 6 total nominations.


3. Dunkirk 

Dunkirk depicts the story of the Dunkirk evacuations in the 40s. On a war torn beach in France, allied soldiers in WWII were confronted by enemy forces in the midst of the rescue efforts, and battle ensued. Dunkirk has 8 Oscar nominations.


4. Get Out 

This movie follows a couple during the awkward relationship milestone of meeting the family. But what the daughter fails to tell her conservative parents is that her boyfriend is black. On the outside, the family’s overly polite nature comes off as an attempt to appear happy with the relationship, but as the movie continues you see a more sinister side of the picture perfect family.  The movie has 4 nominations.


5. Lady Bird 

This movie follows stubborn high school senior  Christine McPherson, dubbed Lady Bird. The story combines poignancy and humor to depict Christine's tumultuous relationship with her mother, her college process, and all the ups and downs that come with high school. The movie has 5 nominations.


6. The Post 

The post, set in 1971, follows the owner, and an executive editor of Washington Post through their tough decision on whether or not to publish sensitive documents from the Pentagon. The movie has 2 nominations.


7. The Shape of Water 

Janitor Elisa Esposito is working in a high-security government lab when she stumbles upon the lab’s secret, a mysterious creature in a large water tank. The two form a unique bond, that is threatened by a hostile government. The movie has 13 nominations.


8. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 

Mildred Hayes has been waiting for answers for months after the rape and murder of her daughter. In a bold move, Hayes commissions three billboards provoking the chief of police, and causing tension throughout the town. Three Billboards has 7 nominations.


9. Phantom Thread 

Set in 1950s London, the movie follows a fashion designer at the height of his fame. When he falls for a younger waitress, the film shows the way this new muse affects his life and work. The movie has 6 nominations.