Last Minute Costume Ideas

Halloween is less than 1 week away, and Halloweekend is getting even closer. If you're like most college students, odds are you probably haven't picked out a costume idea (or 3) yet. If that's your case, don't fret - we've compiled a list of the top last minute Halloween costume ideas that are super easy to put together, and are also extremely cheap.

  • Zombie football player: With an extra larger jersey and some black eyeliner, you can be a zombie-anything this Halloween.
  • Rosie the Riveter: All you need for this is a denim jacket, your favorite pair of jeans, and a red bandana!
  • Cat: All black clothing and some cat ears make this the go-to last minute costume.
  • Victoria’s Secret Angel: If you have a pink robe and some high heels, dress up as a VS Angel – you’ll look so good that no one will realize how little effort you put into your costumer.
  • Pajamas: As college students, decent sleep is pretty much an enigma to most of us – so why not dress up as it?


  • A color: Wear a monochrome outfit and dress up as your favorite color.


  • Flight attendant: A business casual outfit and a neck scarf is all you need for this costume.
  • Hippie: A long flowy dress or flare jeans and some round sunglasses are enough to throw together a 70s inspired costume.
  • Risky Business: All you need is socks, sunglasses, and a button down.