It's ok not to go out on the weekend (here's what to do instead... )

I know, I know! “Everyone is going out.” But they arent you or maybe you used to go out every weekend but are getting sick of it. I have some options you can choose from to have just as much fun ( or even more fun).


1.     Have a pampering day.

          ~Get out those cucumbers, lavendar oil, face masks, etc. Play some soothing music while you get all pampered up from head to toe. For who? FOR YOU!!

2.     Make a Gordon Ramsey Approved meal. ~If you don’t know who Gordon Ramsey is...maybe that’s a good thing lol. But for those who do you know how savage he can be when critiquing meals. So make a meal that would make him proud. Pintrest has a bunch of must try recipes.

3.     Excercise ~ If you have a gym membership, pull out your card and go. If not search up a youtube video with a quick at home workout. It’s more fun with friends so gather your best gal pals and finish the workout together.

4.     Netflix and literally Chill ~Nothing like a good show or movie so here are my reccomendations: YOU, Orange is the New Black, Scandal,

5.     Plan your dream wedding... ~ It’s not crazy trust me. Make that Pintrest account and start pinning. I reccommend starting with the your wedding dress or tux...whatever you want. Then going on to the venue, food, decorations….

6.     Study

~You most likely have something to study for. And before you start pampering yourself, study! You’ll feel so much better. Studying can be fun: you can play music, write on colorful post-it notes.

7.     If all else fails….Sleep ~Just do it.