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Clark’s small size makes it very easy to become familiar with the campus quickly, making an easy transition for first-years. Just a few months in, you know where your classes are, where the best bathrooms are, and can easily give directions all across campus. Yet, some of us who are 21 and 22, still forget the basics. I sent out a prompt on Facebook asking seniors to complete the sentence “I’m a senior and…”

Here’s what people responded with!

  • I’m a senior and I still don’t know my mailbox combination.
  • I’m a senior and I can never find the Panini maker in the caf.
  • I’m a senior and I go the wrong way to get to the water fountain on the second floor of the lib. Every. Single. Time.
  • I’m a senior and I’ve never been in Bullock.
  • I’m a senior and I don’t know which side in Johnson and which side is Sanford.
  • I’m a senior and I’ve never been to the third floor of Jonas Clark Hall, except as a means to reach the fourth floor. I’ve never once stopped and enjoyed whatever pleasures the third floor has to offer.
  • I’m a senior and I still don’t know what LEEP is.
  • I’m a senior, but people are still genuinely surprised when I tell them I’m not a first-year.
  • I’m a senior and I still get lost finding offices on the third floor of JC.
  • I’m a senior and I’ve never been in Carlson.

I’m a senior and I still don’t know which floors of the library have bathrooms and water fountains.

Savannah is a four-year student at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts and is still (somehow) adjusting to life on the East Coast. Being from San Francisco, she loves the Giants, being outdoors, and warm weather. Savannah has a busy schedule as a arsity athlete, a campus tour guide, an announcer at basketball games, and a member of the ITS Help Desk. Academically, she is studying Environmental Science and Geography. Her favorite hobbies include ballet, watching baseball, hiking, and watching The Vampire Diaries and Survivor
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