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I tried Red Bull for the first time!

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.

This may come as a shock but I had never tried Red Bull until this recent year. This weekend on Sunday I went to CVS and bought two cans of Red Bull to help me have energy while studying. Coffee has never had a positive effect on me the way it does on others.

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The Taste

~It tastes sort of like cranberry juice with a mixture of Sprite.

The Effect

~Within the first hour of drinking Red Bull, it had not kicked in. After the second hour, it was surely in my system. With my lack of sleep from the night before, I did not have the urge to go to sleep. While Red Bull is controversial, I will not be drinking it on a daily basis. There is an absurd amount of sugar and sodium in the drink. I would not recommend it to those who are caffeine sensitive. It will send you through the roof. I think I will be drinking it if I need to stay up late to complete an assignment or during finals week. At that time I will only drink one.

Overall rating: ⅘

Editors note: Be carefully not to overdo it on Caffiene. Also, red bull in a strawberry smoothie a la Honey Dew Donuts is great.

She is a Junior and majoring in International Development and Social Change. PC: Rose Wine Photography