How to Host the Perfect Move Night

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Her Campus Clark recently got together for a Halloween move night!  We watched Hocus Pocus, cult classic, and enjoyed great snacks and even better company.  As fun as it was, hosting a movie night is a lot of work.  After hosting our movie night, we have some insider tips on throwing the best movie night ever!

1. Create Ambiance

When you're watching a movie, you usually don't want to be in a bright room.  We turned off the overhead lights and let twinkle lights and our TV screen light the room.  We also created a comfortable space by using a lot of blankets and pillows so even the girls sitting on the carpet were comfortable.

2. Snacks

We had plenty of popcorn in all different flavors to munch on!  We also had freshly baked cookies for dessert.  In keeping up with the Halloween theme, our movie night wouldn't be complete without candy!  We all snacked on Hi-Chews all night!  They are delicious and refreshing, taffy-like candies that satisfy a sweet-tooth!  This brought some needed sweetness into our snack line up for our movie.

3. Drinks

Soda seems like the obvious choice when hosting a movie night.  I don't like the way soda makes me feel, so we brought in Spindrift Sparkling Water to accompany the soda we had on the snack table.  It is so refreshing and made with real fruit.  It's bubbly like soda, but leaves with a refreshed feeling instead of being weighed down by sugary soda.  They were a hit at the movie night!  Some of our girls had never even had sparkling water- now they're hooked!

4. Have fun

Making sure you have great friends around you is key for a perfect movie night!  We laughed, poked fun at the movie, and talked about everything under the sun!  As long as you have a great group of people, that's really all you need.

Happy movie watching, collegiettes!