How to Have a Spring Break Staycation

If you’re not jetting off to somewhere tropical for Spring Break but still want to feel like you’re truly on vacation, we’ve rounded up the best ways to have a staycation!

Have a DIY Spa Day. One of the best things about going on vacation is treating yourself to a spa day, but you can easily do this at home too! Go to your local drugstore to pick up some individual face masks and pick out a new nail polish color. Light some candles and put on relaxing music in your room or bathroom and give yourself a Mani-Pedi while the facemask settles. To take your spa day to the next level, enjoy some fruit infused water or a cocktail while you’re at it!

See if local hotels offer pool access. Call the front desk of a local hotel ahead of time to see if they allow people to spend the day lounging by their pool. Oftentimes, they will charge you a small fee to use the facilities, but it’s totally worth it to get the feel of vacation. Pack up your suit and a good book and bring a friend along for a day of fun!

Catch up on your favorite TV shows. While we all fall into the trap of watching Netflix when we should be doing school work, catching up on a series or starting a new one is a perfect staycation activity. You’ll feel less guilty watching hours upon hours of TV while you’re on break and you’ll be able to enjoy it more!

Try out some new recipes. Another perk of going on vacation is trying out all the food that a new destination has to offer. Even if you’re staying home, you can try out some new and exciting recipes from Pinterest to get your foodie fix! If you’re really feeling adventurous, try making a dish from a place you’ve visited or want to visit someday.

Go to a local museum or see a show. Experiencing the art and culture of a new place is one of the most exciting things to do while you’re on vacation, but why not do the same thing right where you are? Check out a museum that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to visit during the semester or see if there are any theater or dance productions being put on nearby. Some sites like offer deeply discounted tickets for theater, concerts, sports and comedy shows in different areas, and most often you can get discounted museum admission with a college ID.

How will you choose to spend your Spring Break, collegiettes?