How to Get Yourself Through the Rest of the Semester

If the mid-semester slump hasn’t hit you yet, consider yourself lucky. With only about 6 weeks of school left, summer feels oh-so close, yet still so far away. If you’re like me and need constant motivation to get you through a dreadful semester, then you will definitely benefit from some of my favorite tips:

An accurate depiction of the mid-semester slump

  1. Plan something small to do each weekend - It can be really hard for me to focus on all the work I have to do when I have nothing to look forward to. I’m a huge fan of food (who isn’t though?) and tend to eat very healthy during the week, but almost every weekend I try to have either a nice brunch or dinner out. One of my favorite places around Clark is Bagel Time, so sometimes after a long week I’ll head over on a Saturday morning to grab a bacon, egg and cheese bagel. This is also a really great way to find new favorite places in the area!
  2. Make a trip somewhere every other week - If you get your homework done at a reasonable time, this can be a really easy way to keep yourself content in the middle of the semester. With Boston so close to Clark, you really don’t have a lot of excuses to not go there often. You could also plan a trip to one of your friends’ houses if they don’t live too far away or head home with your SO, both of which are a great way to get to know their parents and will most likely entail a home cooked meal.
  3. Start planning for Summer - If you’re thinking of going on vacation with some friends this Summer, start planning! Balance your homework with breaks during which you look into flights, hotels and the best restaurants at your destination. Not only is it better to plan ahead, but you will also enjoy the booking process more and your homework will feel much easier to do. Another fun thing is to make a Summer Bucket List with a bunch of things that you want to try out with your friends from home.
  4. Change your desktop background - Whether or not you have fun things planned, it can be super motivational to change your desktop background to a photo of something that makes you happy, whether that be a photo of your dog, your family, or the beach by your house.
  5. Stay organized - The hardest part about being swamped with work is being completely disorganized and feeling overwhelmed. It’s never too late to buy a planner to help you prioritize your work so you’re not scrambling to finish it all last minute.      

Even these small things will make a huge difference in helping the rest of the semester go by quickly. Just remember, despite the snow that is still on the ground, summer is right around the corner!