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How to Budget This Holiday Season

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.
If you are like me and have a lot of family and people in your life you love, this 
time of the year, the price of gifts can easily add up. I have some tips to help you make 
the most out of this holiday season with what you have.
Write it out!

Writing out the names of all the people in your life who you want to get a gift for 

can help you visually. Then set two price ranges of how much you want to spend 

on everyone all together. One for the minimum amount to spend and one for the 

maximum amount you do not want to go over.


Shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can help you score the best deals 

possible. Buying gifts before or after these two sale dates may have you spending 

more than you need to. 

Buy Bulk

Buying in bulk can save you in the long run. Costco, BJ’s, Sams club, etc; all have 

bulk holiday-related items such as big bags of chocolate. For example, you can 

buy a big bag of chocolate and then divide it evenly among all the people you are 

buying gifts for. Apply this to anything you buy in bulk. 

Do not overwhelm yourself!

Although you may feel like you should spend more than you have, keep in mind 

that it is the thought that matters! Also so does your mental health, do not stress 

is you cannot afford it. If there is someone else who knows your loved one, you 

can both get the big gift and split the price. 

Monica Sager is a freelance writer from Clark University, where she is pursuing a double major in psychology and self-designed journalism with a minor in English. She wants to become an investigative journalist to combat and highlight humanitarian issues. Monica has previously been published in The Pottstown Mercury, The Week UK, Worcester Telegram and Gazette and even The Boston Globe. Read more of Monica’s previous work on her Twitter @MonicaSager3.