Having a Long Distance Relationship with Your Family

There are many things that matter in life such as money, clothes, traveling ect but nothing compares to family. As individuals we can all relate to the importance of family, whether you describe your family as your friends, pets, mom and dad or even grandparents. My mother’s sister who today I identify as my mother and my grandparents raised me in the Dominican Republic. I have three siblings and a wonderful mother who had to live many years apart from me due to personal issues. Oh and let’s not forget that I also have an incredible partner, who I consider as my family as well, that has been keeping up with me for three years. I describe my family as a rollercoaster, who have had its ups and downs but still has managed to keep each other’s back.

I was exposed to an unconditional love at an early age and to many wonderful experiences that today I carry very close to my heart. Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to experience what it means to be part of a family and learned how to take care of it. Those memories have taught the importance of keeping your loved ones close and to cherish the moments together. Now, that I am off to college living apart from my family members, it is essential for me to stay in touch with my them since they mean so much to me. At the beginning of the semester I faced the struggle of balancing my academics and social life without feeling upset of not being close to my family. I know that many students could relate to this especially those students that do get to go home often.

Here are a seven tips that can help you keep your family close even at times of distance and make you feel better once you are feeling lonely!

Stay in Communication

I know it is difficult to stay in contact with your family, especially when you have work to do for school, events to participate on campus and things to do for yourself. However, in order to keep a healthy relation with them, it is essential to take some time and communication. I personally speak on the phone with my mother, best friend Adriana, sis in law and my cousin Melissa over ten times per day. But of course you do not have to be a family-freak like me, just make sure here and there you take some time out of your day to communicate with them. It is essential for your family to know what you are up to and I am aware that sometimes you do not want to hear the advice of that new friend, but instead the warm voice of your mother, cousin or even friend since childhood.

Make Time to Visit

This particular tip is for those who have the ability to visit if they pull some strings together. For example, if you only live three to six hours away driving from your family, you do not have the right to say that you cannot ever visit your family. I know there could be financial, academically or even health reasons that could prohibit you, but there is a way around it and you can make it happen. Something that is very beneficial is to try to save money from the beginning of semester just to visit your family. Do not make excuses and make it happen especially you do not life that far away! For instance, I just recently took a quick trip to FL to visit my family and I could not be any happier that I got to see everyone especially my little nephew Gabriel.

Be Present

I wanted to add this tip to my list because now that I am in school apart from home, I feel like I am part of two different worlds. The one at school with my new friends and my partner who happens to go to school in Worcester as well, and the one back home with my family. I believe is important to understand that at either world you must present and must take advantage of the present moment. I know it is difficult sometimes to stop thinking about your loved ones but in order for you to succeed at this new environment, the present moment is what should matter the most. In my case, I am constantly meeting new people and I always try to keep on mind once I am at school that is my reality and in the same way, when I am home. This tip would allow you to make the best out of your memories and enjoy life to the fullest.

Be There for Them

I know that because you are away from home, you might feel like once the conversation begins with your family members, everything should be about you and although I do understand that there are things that you want to let out, you need to be clear that your family also has things to tell you. So, give yourself some time and be there for your family. Understand that not everything is all about you and that they also want you to be there for them.

Stay Positive

I would say that this is one of the most important tips. It is important to understand that you have to stay positive and understand that you are far away for a reason. Be concise about goal and work towards it precisely. I am constantly reminding myself of the idea of applying positivity at everything I do. I like to make sure that I am aware of my purpose and that I strived towards it with a positive attitude.

Love Unconditionally

I left this tip last for an important reason and that is because I want you to apply this to any situation you are undertaking in life. When it comes to family, make sure you love them unconditionally. By loving unconditionally you get the opportunity to understand their actions better and you start enjoying yourself more. Understand that when they did not return your call, it was not because they did not wanted to but because they were not able to. Loving unconditionally allows have a better long distance with your family over, so let’s take a moment and love.

Besitos, see you all later!